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The Greatest American Security Officer

It is sweltering here in the OC, thus I’m feeling a little sluggish so I’m doing a little Perez Hilton style blogging sans the gushing/bashing of celebrities, pictures of his terrible fashion choices and devoid of his markings. I don’t even have my hair dyed electric blue in any pictures. So I guess that this “period” in my blog is not like Perez Hilton except that I will rely more on pictures than writing. I envy you if you are blessed with air conditioning, which happens to be one of my top 5 creations of modern society. The next few postings covered represent the last 10 days or so of my life/mundane existence.

– This past Saturday I attended Kathleen’s 10 year high school reunion which I was determined to hold over her head for eternity until I met perhaps the most unintentionally funny security guard in existence. I convinced him to pose like we in front of a low rider or part of the late 80’s NWA ripoff Compton’s Most Wanted. The best was seeing him trying to pop and lock while checking people id’s by the hot and tub. It’s a hard knock life when you’re working the PJs in Coronado Island, CA. I also like how he fashioned a “dutch” out of a gum wrapper and had his blue-tooth in his ear the entire night in case Doris from the Coco Bay Tower could not turn off her fire alarm again. If I ever have an entourage this guy is definitely working the security detail. I also like his fancy retro Pan Am pilot outfit. In the below picture I look like an extra from the Cuba Gooding Jr. movie/catastrophe “Boat Trip” aided by the equally unfunny Horatio Sanz where they accidentally board an “alternative” cruise line. Kathleen looks great however. Everybody thought I was her stylist that night. Overheard at the reunion; “That Bobby Trendy has put on some weight!”