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The Hold Steady and Nyquil

Getting pumped for the “The Hold Steady” at the El Rey tonight. Going with Kathleen, Panda and Andy. Hopefully, the El Rey has ceased pushing their awful licorice vodka hybrid on any/all customers that request a libation containing vodka. They must have traded 400 free bottle for a few cartons of GPC 100s, and after unleashed it on an unsuspecting public. I’m still trying to get a bartender there to admit that it’s terrible stuff. Not even Kitty Dukakis would drink it. I know the Kitty Dukakis reference is as dated as zumiez pants but I love referencing her. I don’t even know what she looks like, I just picture Michael Dukakis crossed with Laura Bush. Video of the Hold Steady’s “Chips Ahoy” below.

Showdown: American Mitch vs. Euro Mitch

I pose this question to the loyal few that visit my humble blog on a somewhat frequent basis (at last count it was somewhere between 1-3.2 people a week). Who has it made in the shade, American Mitch or his European counterpart? I require in-depth clarification on the reasoning behind any conclusions, and an honest opinion on the possibility of these two kindred spririts two aligning in a pseudo Cousin Larry and Bhalki Bhaltakamos “Perfect Strangers” setting. I think both those guy dug blondes primarily as well. Let the debate commence. (Euro photos contributed by Raul Villareal)

Euro Mitch euromitch.jpg

americanmitch.jpg misty1.jpg

The Aftermath of Sam Olympics

Well, my best laid plans came crashing down. The live video streaming never really got off the ground hampered by poor video quality and nobody really willing to wear a hatcam and carry around a laptop. ( rightly so) My daily blogging plans ceased at about 11:00 am but I did manage to capture some pics and video of an event that nothing short of spectacular. Here’s my personal favorite below. Jason Osvog in all his glory with commentary by Ryan Fenimore. I’ll be posting more stuff during the week.

Sam Olympics Diary

* We will be updating throughout the day. Remember to watch the live video of activities starting at 3:00 pm PST.

9:40 am Sam and I make a trip to the grocery store. I decide to purchase some imitation Oakley Blades. I debate whether $16 is too high a price to pay for an ironic pair of sunglasses, that will probably be only worn for the day. The clincher is the fact that they say “Daytona” on the side. BAM! Now I only need some aqua socks to complete my look. Sam and I debate what quality of toilet paper we should purchase for the party. Due to the vasts amounts of quantity that will be used, I vote for the “low cost leader route” as the generic brand is discounted about 40%. Sam insists on the name brand stuff with some sort of Care Bear type mascot. He loathes the feel of “cheap” sanitary products. Good for his guests that he is this benevolent, but ultimately bad for the bottom line. (pun sort of intended)

10:20 am We are trying to decide how the rotation of the Olympics should take place. With a undetermined amount of teams/participants competing, this process is more complicated than it sounds. Additionally, we have to factor in the general inebriation factor of the players. We have finally decided on the games. (Baggo, Flip Cub, Beirut, Croquet, trivia and karaoke). We must also utilize some sort of weighted average as we want the finale karaoke competition to have a tremendous bearing on the final result. At some point I want to make the announcement , “Today, as you all female Duel” like a braindead real worlds-road rules host.

10:40 Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn is playing in the background. Sam mentions that she crafted a substantial career in the 80’s through playing “fish out of water” roles, aided only by her compelling combination of spunk and a PG-13 sex appeal. (see Wildcats, Overboard, Bird on a Wire, House Sitter) I was about to say Troop Beverly Hills but I think that showcased the limited talents of Shelley Long. Shelley Long sucks.

10:55 am I just realized I accidentally poured some “Blueberry Cobbler” coffee mate in my java! I am incredulous! What genius at Nestle greenlighted this product innovation? And we wonder why Europeans think Americans have no taste. It taste like somebody smeared jam in my coffee and the poured sour goats milk in for extra affect.

Sundays with Morley

After being stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours today, finally managed to get some hoop in with Sam and Osvog…we were all terrible. We managed to get some bowling in after as well with Wendy, who has perfected a handstand that she can pull off at any time through her relentless yoga training. Sam, who just turned 30 bowled with a special bandaid made specifically for the blisters on the thumb, and 2 icy hot patches on his knee and elbow (the ones Shaq endorses.) We had the standard white Russians as an ode to the Dude. Sam made the comment of the day below.

Sam: God, I love Sundays when I pay Cordie 40 bucks to give me an hour long rubdown while I watch 60 minutes. (Cordie is his sister)

We are going to mentally prepare for the Olympics by watching the best of Conan O’ Brien while scarfing down Thai. Tune in tomorrow as we stream live.

Sam wanted me to clarify that his sister is a professional masseuse, and that his favorite segments on 60 minutes feature Morley Safer.


Stigga’s Mill –

This is a new addition to the chuchscoop where certain rumors and innuendo contributed by our loyal readers will be posted.  So please feel free to send in your morsels of hot, juicy gossip…Here’s the first submission that was sent a little bit ago…Feel free to submit  your guesses to who this person is..

 What Animal House alum, and former Good Time, has severely curbed his socializing  in lieu of sighing heavily around his aparmtent,  and  persistently pesters current homeowners about the prospects of the San Francisco real estate market?”

Pretty Pathetic…that I want to be George Michael..

That I idolize an 18 year old male, and would trade places with him in a millisecond. Ladies and gentleman I present…(found by Panda)