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The ChuchScoop is proud to announce a recurring feature for the next few weeks where excerpts will be posted and hopefully discussed from the Ethan Hawke novel, “Ash Wednesday.” It will be sort of Jack Handy “Deep Thought” to start your day and gain true enlightenment. Kudos go to Sam and Fenimore for unearthing this jem of a novel. Evidently some poor soul had inexplicably underlined passages they believed to be of greater insight. Although, Hawke is probably a better writer than most of his brethren in SAG; this work is rife with observations that could make a strong argument for Ethan inclusion as a first ballot member of the unintentional comedy hall of fame. It’s hard to tell whether he is really writing this in earnest or that its a satire of his characters in Reality Bites and Before Sunset/Sunrise. (those last two are pretty damn solid movies btw) Also I noticed that Ethan Hawke’s facial hair reminds me of what people draw on posters in what they believe is a humorous attempt to deface the picture. You know kind of like a slacker Captain Morgan.


Below is a short description of “Ash Wednesday” plucked from the back cover.

“Jimmy Heartsock (yes, this is the real name of the main character…you did not accidentally ingest psychadelic mushrooms) is going AWOL from the army and chasing after his lover Christy in order to propose marriage in a frozen car park. Christy is terrified, not so much that she’s going to have a baby, but that if she stay with Jimmy she may end up with two.

As the unforgettable lovers drive across America in an ancient Chevy Nova, they ask questions they’ve never dared ask before, and confront family history, difficult choices, personal failures and the occasional cop in a compelling, funny and gritty dram of love in our time.”