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mmmhh..Great….and…not so great…



Freaks and Geeks – If you never watched this short lived NBC sitcom, please go out and buy the box set right now. The creator, Judd Apatow has gotten pub recently because of the “The Fourty Year Old Virgin”, etc. but this is really his funniest stuff. The episode where Sam wears his Parisian nightsuit is a little slice of heaven. Plus the main character reminds me of my friend Kaley.

Interpol – The Heinrich Manuveur – Although, I was not blown away by their performance in Indio last month, this new single has me excited for their upcoming album. Makes me want to smoke cigs, make really bad student films at NYU, and drink lots of stella.

The National “Boxer” – New album picks right up where the wonderfully sublime “Alligator” left off. Makes me want to not shower for a fortnight, lose 2 stone, wear the same military jacket everyday,and furiously scribble lyrics in a notepad in a coffe shop with gloves like Judd Nelson in “The Breakfast Club”

Eye of the Sports Guy – ESPN Page 2’s the Sports guy has great podcast with NBA journeyman Paul Shirley – Bill Simmons continues to amaze and Shirley is definitely the funniest/smartest NBA player ever…except maybe Paul Moekeski’s face. I want to be friends with these guys or at least play blackjack with them.

The New New Thing – Re-reading this book about Silicon Valley legend Jim Clark. Michael Lewis’ writing is superb. It would be cool if my classes in b school had made Liar’s Poker, Moneyball and this book mandatory.



“House of Payne” – This looks like the biggest nightmare ever. I am going to have to dedicate a whole column to this travesty. I mean watch this preview…I would rather watch a Robin Williams double bill featuring Bicentennial Man and Patch Adams than this moronic series.

Motorola Q – Without a doubt the worst phone I have ever owned. I am currently debating how to destroy this clunky device once I overpay for the iphone. I have a feeling it’s like the villain from Terminator 2 and will just reform except with even worse battery life than it has now.