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It’s been a long time….

Due to some recent developments I have been unable to post for the last several weeks. Not that I am pretending that my lack of activity was noticed by a single soul outside of my girlfriend however, it is nice to imagine that I maintain a fervently loyal, passionate audience. I do have a valid excuse however as I  finally reached my personal goal of finding the “right” job before my impending 30th birthday which I am sure made my friends and parents happy so they would not have to listen to me deconstruct and analyze my job search for the umpteenth time.

Federated Media

In the next week or so I will be leaving Orange County for San Francisco due to a new gig at Federated Media which I landed after a successful stalking campaign that would have made the guy that shot Regan and was obsessed with Jodie Foster proud. (kidding, sort of).  Although, I will certainly miss my little jewel of a neighborhood of Corona Del Mar and the 363 days of sunshine; I am excited to move to an area of the country  where it is not a prerequisite for a restaurant to be housed in a strip mall and 98% of conversation don’t revolve around skin rejuvenation (botox vs. fraxel) or the current lease offers at Fletcher Jones – Mercedes. BTW, I vote for fraxel as it is less invasive.


I cannot properly convey how pumped I am about my new job at FM. Given that FM represents the most talented authors in the blogosphere, one can only hope some of their skill will eventually rub off on my efforts. The past couple days I attended the FM Conversation Marketing Summit and was priivy to some of the best and brightest individuals/companies in the media/advertising world. Additionally, the name Federated Media makes it sound like the company is a hybrid of a media conglomerate and some sort of Battlestar Galactica type organization which adds further allure. In some respects I have always been drawn to things that are new and unique before others have caught on. This tendency has many times led to mistakes however, I truly believe that FM is onto something very special which was bolstered my interactions with c0-workers at the conference who definitely sense the opportunity as well.  If all this was not enough, another added bonus was the most delectable conference food I have ever had the pleasure of stuffing in my fat face and a company after party at a dive bar. I think I’ve found a home….now it’s time to get to work.