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Striving for Productivity

Got my haircut early this morning at 9:00. Heather, my hairstylist is cool because she is very thorough, and has become an expert of the underrated art of “barbershop” conversation, which is probably as close to therapy as I’ll ever get. Plus she really digs Wilco. Heather was disappointed to learn that my pseudo mullet period had come to an end, since she was the original architect. I knew it was never that aesthetically pleasing however was amused by the fact that I was actually rocking a facsimile of a mullet. “Charlie” from Lost can pull it off, but I don’t think I ever really did. Plus, the fact I have been gaining some poundage lately, give me a sort of Asian John Daly look, which is never good.

I downloaded Gary Hamel’s “Leading the Revolution” on my iPod last night as I wanted to listen to it at the gym. I read the book a couple years ago but felt I needed a little refresher. Although, Hamel caught some flack for his praise of Enron and their resulting scandal, the guy is simply brilliant. I thought it would be hard to work out to an audiobook revolving around business strategy, but his views and approach are so inspired that I actually felt energized throughout my neverending quest to reduce the gut. Once I got home I enjoyed reading Dick Costolo’s blog “Ask the Wizard” . Given that he just sold Feedburner to Google for a cool $100 mil, I would surmise that he knows of what he posts. Once I get through all of the updates on my newsgator feed; I’ll go on a little shopping expedition to Trader Joe’s. (Talk about a well run private company). I also tried making an avatar on Gizmoz. It just launched however, I really would have liked to be able to have more choice regarding hair selection. In my humble opinion, the afro is no longer funny, while the white man’s perm is severely underappreciated. (see Greatest American Superhero) The record voice function on gizmoz gave me some trouble but eventually it should make a good device for birthday wishes, etc.

On a lighter note, my friend Andy Fox has launched his blog. Andy is truly an original in addition to being damn funny. At The Hold Steady show on Thursday he regaled us with stories of a philandering man in a bear suit at Burning Man, disdain for most Mac users, and criteria for potential lady friends which include the ability to use a semicolon and having read at least 4 books. He also recently bought a camera off eBay that automatically brings a picture of 3 striped shirt cheeseballs every time he turns it on. Check out his blog.

Moons over My Hammy

Well, I am off to Miami for work for a few days tomorrow. When I think of Miami, three things come to mind; ridiculously good looking models who looked like they were beamed down from a spaceship shaped like a Prada shoe, the Delano (see picture) and embarassingly, the Will Smith “Miami” song. Whenever, someone brings up or sings this song, I seize the opportunity to enlighten the individual with a completely useless morsel of pop culture trivia.

Me: Did you know who wrote “Welcome to Miami”

Individual: No who? (kind of in a nonchalant tone)

Me: Nas…but he gave it to Will Smith because it wasn’t hard enough for him…

Individual: Really? huh…(complete lack of interest or surprise)

Well, cheers to you Nasty Nas aka Nas Escobar. Illmatic is still one of my top 5 favorite rap albums. And let’s face it, my Top 5 rap list probably ain’t changing anytime soon. I just don’t see myself downloading the Ying Yang twins on my ipod.

I’ll be sure to stop in the Delano. I know it’s completely touristy and probably a full decade past its prime but there’s something about sipping an 18 dollar cocktail amidst 10 guys that could pass for Gianne Verscace and all sockless to boot.

I am looking forward to using the technology to broadcast live. Tune in and you might just see a turqouise ferrari and diddy in a bathrobe riding a jet ski.

Slothing on the Couch

I constructed this blog while keeping one eye on the Suns – Spurs game. I have unsuccessfully tried to compensate for the Lakers demise by halfheartedly attempting to root for the the Suns due to my admiration for Steve Nash, both for his play and his drunken adventures with Dirk Nowitzki a few years back. It’s a sunny day here in the OC but I have been a bit of a hermit/couch potato today after 3 exhausting weekends in LA, Coachella and New York. There’s a simple pleasure of watching Talk Soup and sifting through LinkedIn simulatenously. Recently, I have been fascinated by the career of Alan Thicke, best known as the Dad from Growing Pains, but quite a renaissance man in his own right. Speaking of 80’s icons, I am disappointed I decide to attend the Web 2.0 conference instead of the the Techcrunch 20 featuring none other than Hammer. Hopefully, Hammer performs a encore of this classic peformance sans the thong.