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If it ain’t Thrifty it ain’t right

What is it about thrifty ice cream that’s so amazingly good? A single scoop will cost you just 99 cents in exchange for numerous delectable licks.  The very fact that Thrifty was swallowed up by Rite Aid but still retained the branding for the ice cream product is a testament to the street cred of this dairy institution. The pharmacy setting adds to the overall ice cream eating experience. The ability to simultaneously hook up mach 3 blades,  gatorade, and antibiotics while getting a cone in one singular destination is unbeatable. I mean, talk about economies of scales. I also love the fact there is nary an ice cream attendant behind the counter. At my local joint on CDM, I usually have to hail a worker named Doris who looks like she just puffed a virginia slim and slammed a tall boy in the back alley to scoop my chocolate chip. If Thrifty ice cream were a stock, Warren Buffet would be all over it…it’s cost effective, no frills and provides consistent value to its consumers. Next time you’re in a Rite Aid, probably to pick up Motrin, corona or perhaps an US weekly go ahead and treat yourself to a chocolate malted crunch…you won’t regret it.