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Loss for Words

Sometimes things do not require an explanation or as Nigel Tufnel eloquently stated in Spinal Tap, “the authorities thought it best left unsovled.” Panda found this gem below. Feel free to chime in how this video makes you feel. Personally, I am still in a state of shock, joy,disillusionment, etc.

The Rock Ness Monster!!

Kathleen, Amanda, Kolby, Andy and I went to the US National Air Guitar Championships a few days ago in LA and it was nothing short of amazing. Almost like a cross between Spellbound and Spinal Tap. The guy with the faux bow tie and the awesome Dazed and Confused cut is none other than the Rock Ness Monster who claimed the throne once again. I mean his name alone is incredible. It was well deserved and my money’s on him at the world championships in Finland come October. Kolby and I were in agreement that the mime air guitarist should have been in the Top 5. We finished the night off at the Rainbow Room where I think the bassist from Ratt cut in front of me for the bathroom line. I can’t believe that the Vog was not in attendance. This is a pretty good video below of the festivities…it takes a while to load but is worth the wait.