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Jermaine rocks the stache well

Although, I thought that Flight of the Conchords tapered off after 3 outstanding initial episodes, the following video reveals they are in mid-season form. I tried to get tics to both of their shows in SF, and they sold out within minutes. This is definitely a positive economic indicator. I wish the Kiwis were a stock as I expect their market valuation to be 3x by the end of Season 2. This will undoubtedly lead to a mediocre movie with a guest appearance by Will Arnett.

Joey Greco enters Second Life

I have been fiddling around with Second Life a little bit lately. Now that I have learned how to fly, communicate, and teleport; the time has finally come to step it up. Deciding the appearance of my avatar has been a difficult one. I did not want to model it after myself because given all Asians look alike, nobody could differentiate me in the virtual space….(insert comedic drum and cymbal) “Thank you, thank you, I’ll be hear all week, you’re a great audience.” Then it crossed my mind to be a hybrid of Marilyn Manson and Boutros Boutros Ghali, but that ‘s just silly.

Suddenly, it struck me, probably similarly to how Jesus used to talk to Jerry Fallwell from time to time…. my second life destiny was to be Joey Greco from “Cheaters”. Eureka!! Will I too, invade philanderers on Second Life and have a dedicated mob of P.I.s, security personnel and rabid cameramen? Will I be stabbed in virtual reality? Will I host fitness workouts on ESPN? This all remains to be seen. This weekend, I will craft my avatar from the bobblehead, I just purchased from Greco’s personal site. Additionally, Andy Fox form Misanthropy Today and I will be doing a series on Greco/Cheaters that will be posted on both our blogs. Now, I have to run as I just got a call that Suspect A is leaving a bowling alley and meeting back at their rendezvous point outside an AM/PM in Plano. Click here to read an interesting article about some of the unique ways are leveraging Second Life’s growing community, and also some of the constraints they are currently facing. Also found an interesting blog about the burgeoning “Attention Economy”.
.Joey Greco clubbing at Lotus

When Facebook and Alton Collide…or maybe not…

  • I was recently asked what I thought about the new Facebook Platform. Suffice it to say that my response was nowhere close to this tremendous analysis by Marc Andreessen. I guess that’s why he co-founded Netscape, and I know that Alton is the world’s greatest reality star athlete of all time. Listen to this renaissance man discuss it with the Sport’s Guy here. His breakdown of the exploitation of “man goods” on “The Inferno” should be Al Gore’s next pet project.

Forget Tony Soprano, Captain Haddock’s time is here!

Right now, hundreds of thousands of people in the blogosphere are furiously debating the finale of the Sopranos. Was it self indulgent and essentially a big FU by creator David Chase or was it an appropriate ending given the show’s consistent, unconventional approach? Boooorrrrringgg….. (For the record, I loved the ending almost as much as I love AJ’s chinstrap) I say we all let this drama rest in peace and move on to more important pressing topics. I made it through about 10 minutes of John from Cincinnati before I realized that unless they threw a “WKRP” in their somewhere, there was no way in hell I would ever become a regular viewer of this show. “Baby did you ever wonder, wonder what ever became of me….” Speaking of that tremendous theme song I did apppreciate the presence of Luke Perry. I mean if Steve Sanders can reclaim some small amount of fame…there’s got to be room for Dylan Mckay?

Anyway, I have a tremendous idea for a replacement show for HBO. A real-world version of TinTin. For those of you that don’t know; TinTin our main protagonist is a petite, young reporter who goes on adverntures all over the world aided by a colorful cast of characters. I don’t believe the comic ever gained major traction in the US, but is beloved in over 70 countries across the world. The content of Tintin was usually very PG, but I feel injecting a a healthy dose grit and grime would not compromise the storytelling at all. Given the exotic locales of Tintin’s adventures, you could only have about 8 -10 episodes a season by my estimation. Perhaps, this project would be best served by a BBC-HBO collaboration, given the great job done on Rome, and my fondness for they interpretation of Jeeves and Wooster. I have always maintained that I have a hidden talent for casting, thus the following is who I would place in each role.

Tintin – Personally, I was never a hug fan of the star character. He was almost a little Luke Skywalkerish in his annoying perfection. Tintin never kicked his annoying dog Snowy, got hammered on Bourbon and hit on girls with Haddock, or yelled obscenity laden insults at the deaf Professor Cuthbert Calculus for shits and giggles. He seemed to be devoid any vices whatsoever, etc. My version of Tintin is definitely a lot more flawed. Perhaps, he has a DUI in his past that resulted in the death of a young family and now he spends his days trying to make up for it. Therefore my pick to take on the role of Tintin would be…..Topher Grace…(this discussion will continue at a later date)