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Dynamic Duo

This pairing of Woody Allen and Billy Graham is brilliant. Now we see where Jon Stewart got his schtick. The very fact that Woody Allen pulled Diane Keaton in her prime is a testament to his unadulterated genius. Watch the woodman go to work, although I have to admit, Billy Graham comes after a great deal better than I anticipated.

Showdown: American Mitch vs. Euro Mitch

I pose this question to the loyal few that visit my humble blog on a somewhat frequent basis (at last count it was somewhere between 1-3.2 people a week). Who has it made in the shade, American Mitch or his European counterpart? I require in-depth clarification on the reasoning behind any conclusions, and an honest opinion on the possibility of these two kindred spririts two aligning in a pseudo Cousin Larry and Bhalki Bhaltakamos “Perfect Strangers” setting. I think both those guy dug blondes primarily as well. Let the debate commence. (Euro photos contributed by Raul Villareal)

Euro Mitch euromitch.jpg

americanmitch.jpg misty1.jpg

The Aftermath of Sam Olympics

Well, my best laid plans came crashing down. The live video streaming never really got off the ground hampered by poor video quality and nobody really willing to wear a hatcam and carry around a laptop. ( rightly so) My daily blogging plans ceased at about 11:00 am but I did manage to capture some pics and video of an event that nothing short of spectacular. Here’s my personal favorite below. Jason Osvog in all his glory with commentary by Ryan Fenimore. I’ll be posting more stuff during the week.

The brilliant absurdity of Kells

Love him, hate him or prosecute him…you can’t escape R.Kelly. He’s playin’ ball and eating McDonald’s at 3 am… he’s trapped in the closet…and of course he’s always entering or leaving the club. Here are some reasons that Kells is so compelling and dare I say genius?

These are in no particular order:

  • Whenever I am in a bad mood, I can listen to “Happy People” or “Step in the name of love” and instantaneously I have a Cheshire cat like grin. I’m still convinced these two masterpieces are actually the same song. Also the outfit Kelly has on in Happy People is simply magnificent. Go out test my theory, play these songs and let the gliding ensue.
  • (Contributed by Panda) Despite the fact he peed on a minor, i find his songs sneaky catchy and by sneaky, i mean irresistible
  • Outside of Ryan Adams nobody is as prolific as Kelly. He seemingly has a new album released every 2 months and has guest appearances all over the map. All squeezed in between an ongoing sexual misconduct investigation that appears to be taking place over 18 states, 28 counties, and 42 cities. I heard Kells mixed his last album in an appellate court
  • I think he might be 57 years old at minimum and his corn rows are approaching Jerry Rice status.
  • He manages to mention a nightclub in every possible song no matter if it a club anthem or the requisite Jesus song.
  • His performance of “Trapped in the closet” at the MTV awards will never be surpassed on the unintentional comedy scale.
  • This mashup of his latest jam “I’m a Flirt with my second favorite indie canadian band, Broken Social Scene”

Please feel free to add on your comments on why you think R.Kelly is/is not a legend.