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Ryan Adams is Better than me

The average person, myself included tends to have an inflated sense of value or worth. I am sure that my estimation of my intelligence, wit, and other attributes is probably a good 15-20% than the actual reality. However, occasionally even somebody with a substantial ego, who resides in their own little universe where they will always be the alpha planet must realize when they are simply outmatched or bested. Last night, I went to go see Ryan Adams play in what could only be described as a “charming” theater in Beverly Hills. The crowd was a little more animated than the standard “cooler than thou” audience these types of shows tends to attract. On another note, this might have been the best looking crowd I have seen at a show since an “Air” show in Downtown LA in 2001 where I am to this day convinced I was by far the ugliest person in the entire room.

I digress however, Ryan Adams was nothing short of “quacktastic”, as my friend Miggy and fellow Adams aficionado would say. I guess he is no longer boozing/ pill popping and it reflects in the renewed vigor of his voice. The lighting for the show was a perfect backdrop and the Cardinals may be the smoothest, tightest backup band around right now. It’s safe to say that once he came on stage every boyfriend in the audience ceased to exist to their girlfriend. Kathleen was gushing such effusive praise throughout that I thought I might have been transported to the “NKOTB – Hangin’ Tough” tour. I can’t blame her though as the cunning bastard played an incredible set, while making witty pop culture references to Glenn Danzig, Barbara Gordon from the Batman comic book, and then announcing to the crowd that he was on “Lady Patrol”. Well played sir, well played. He transitioned seamlessly between rock, alt-country, blues and then would kill the audience with his wit. Son of a bitch! I figured he must be hilarious because he dated the outrageously funny Parker Posey and I had seen him live a couple of times so I knew he was a great performer however, the man is simply at the height of his powers right now. BTW, if anybody can find a link to the letter that Adams wrote to Pitchfork Media a couple years back please ping me with it. It is brilliant! Yep, Ryan Adams is better at just about everything than me except fantasy football, and I’m just fine with it. Below are two testaments to his brilliance. Jesus, who sounds like the Joey McIntyre fan now…. Shoutout to Kolby and Amanda for getting us those vodka sodas in that terrible bar line that resembled a craps table. Below is his latest video.