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5 more years until I cry on your shoulder in a park

There’s this new study out in the UK that states that men get really depressed around 35 and then don’t snap out of it until they are approximately the age of Ted Knight when he starred in “Too Close for Comfort”. Also, it reveals such shocking medical disclosures that most men count their college years (18-24) as being the best years of their life. Shocking!! I only have a different buddy mention that to me about 3 times a day since we graduated college.


According to this study things don’t look up until you have Jim J. Bullock living below you.

Anyway, by far the best thing about this article is the picture the Daily Mail used to portray a depressed man. I don’t who this actor is but man he is good! Getty Images needs to lock him down to an exclusive contract. I love the forlorn look he has on his face. I bet you he was feeding pigeons prior to this picture being snapped reminiscing about the time he walked in on his wife having relations with 2 members of the early 90s R&B trio “Guy”. I want to mainline some paxil in his body and get the poor guy a lap dance with a kraft of Jack Daniels. He’s probably being comforted by his sister in the picture…that makes it even more depressing….


“Paxil is a hell of a drug”


“It was the two guy on the ends”