Daily Archives: March 31, 2008

Reinventing the Mixtape

I used to pride myself and trumpet my ability to craft a good mix CD. However, the process of burning CDs and sending them out seems cumbersome and inefficient. Additionally, the hands of father time have begun to affect my ability to keep up with the times and the latest music trends. Here’s a good article by the Onion detailing how painstaking the process can be. Just when, I though I could never arrange again, Muxtape comes along to save the day which allows you to discover new music and share your latest mix with friends. Great functionality and I like how they used the Tumblr platform. One drawback is that it does not seem to accept MP4s. Click below to here a mix I found.


When Expectations equal Hype

Much has been made about the migration of eyeballs online and the impending reality that the majority of media will be mostly consumed via the Internet. I, myself am a staunch proponent of this theory as much of my day is spent trumpeting the tremendous benefits of advertising online. Consequently, I must also admit that on rare occasions the result does not quite live up to the hype. The below is definitely NOT one of those times. My colleague Mac Delaney summed the below interactive ad up best when he stated that “softcore meets soft shells”. This is simply innovation at it’s best. Traditional media suffers yet another blow and kudos to Taco Bell. First the Mexican Pizza, now this. Click image below to start your shoot!