The Simpsons come to life at ACL

The Simpsons movie was one of the biggest hits of the summer. Although, the last 20 minutes lagged, the franchise proved once again why it is one of the most brilliant, innovative creations in the past century.  Will Hollywood ever dare to do a non-animated version of the Simpson? Conventional wisdom would lead one to believe that this would be unthinkable and preposterous. However, we must remember this is an industry that has given us Alien vs. Predator and I am sure has a project for Carlos Mencia in development. If Hollywood ever decides to make a “real life” Simpson; Sam pointed out this concert goer at ACL certainly has the prototype “Ned Flanders” physique. Watch the video to see the proof.


3 responses to “The Simpsons come to life at ACL

  1. he looks like one of those sensitive dudes who can kick your ass. I hate those types.

  2. but really, with the pleated pants? Really?

  3. man you find the weirdest people and take pictures of them. I can’t stop looking at this specimen. Like once you notice one thing, then you notice another.

    Look at that beautiful neo-mullet. It looks like that guy from Futurama with the octopus face backwards.

    (sorry, woke up and couldn’t sleep.)

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