Everybody has a price…and I come pretty cheap…

Dear Loyal Fan Base of Three –

I will now be posting a couple times a day on the beRecruited Sportswrap. I am sellout and easily bought so any blogs related to sports will now be posted on berecruited.com until they realize I am just a hack ripping off Bill Simmons. I could not resist the package of free Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas and all you can eat Dinty Moore Stew they generously offered me. Now I know what it must be like to make partner at Goldman Sachs. Here is my first blog. I encourage you to visit the site regularly because the more traffic I garner, the meatier the stew.


2 responses to “Everybody has a price…and I come pretty cheap…

  1. I’ve sort of always thought you were ripping off Rich Simmons

  2. Chuch, one comment? After 2 weeks? One comment? Look to your man Fox on how to operate a blog sir. Even my worst entry gets more than one goddamned comment.

    Lets play golf before you move to SF and call me to tell me about ” someone really important in my life now”.

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