Let the iPhone Games Begin!

IphoneAndy from Misanthropy Today has a hilarious post about what a bitter man he is and how much he hates the iPhone and the people that crave it. Apparently, he also hates babies.


Be on the look out for my counterpoint coming tonight “You’ll like me even less once I steal your girlfriend and text her with my iPhone.”

Also Valleywag has their usually snarky take, although it pales in comparison to the rant above.

10 responses to “Let the iPhone Games Begin!

  1. Steal the girlfriend, text her with the iPhone.

  2. you’ve got a rough road ahead of you, Chuch.

    (firefox spelling suggestions for chuch: chucho, church, chuck, chute, such)

  3. Kind of an interesting take on the iphone


  4. thanks for the article Kaley, it makes a lot of sense. I do, however, wish it was peppered with words like “douchebags” and “obsequious trend fairies”, but solid article nonetheless.

  5. I think I speak for a few of us when I say that we’re waiting for your rebuttal.

    You’re beginning to look like the guy who accepts the schoolyard fight but must first go through a litany of stretches, taking physical and pocketal inventory, and otherwise ensuring that everyone will get bored and forget about it altogether.

    I’ve checked back no less than 5 times and not even an update. You have a lot to learn about customer service, Mark.

  6. p.s.

    scrolling up and seeing my picture over and over again in these comments is making me feel like a bully, btw.

  7. Mark Chu Cheong

    Similar to Casey Seizmako in 3 o’clock high, i have been bullied long enough…Right after I finish working and go to the gym, (two activities that are foreign to Andy)I will have a response…D’Tarnian has been smacked in the face with a glove once too often.

  8. D’Tarnian sounds like some some sort of distant urban relative of the famed Dartanian, who I imagine you are attempting to refer to in the above post.

  9. Mark Chu Cheong

    D’Tarnian has a new album single droppin’ this summer featuring the other musketeers, Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Keith Sweat.

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