30 is the new 24…

2006 was the year of the wedding while it appears that 2007 is the year of the 30th birthday party. Below is a mediocre video I made of Sam Brown’s 30th birthday party aka “Sam Olympics” in San Diego. The editing is sloppy, transitions poor/nonexistent however, the music ain’t half bad, plus Garrett and Sara have some classic moments, and Sam’s outfits are nothing short of incredible. He should break them out in Austin at his MBA program later in the year. Also below is a link to Erik Eccles and Pat Holman’s 30th b-day party, which was a much healthier, well rounded, adult celebration. This is reflected in the better production quality of the video on the uber cool video sharing/editing site Jumpcut where Erik was the CFO before they were gobbled up by Yahoo. Most of my friends are using the 30th b-day party to harken back to the days when the nights were longer, the revelry much more intense, and the hangovers did not last a fortnight. Coincidentally, all these people went Boulder where the Peter Pan syndrome seems to be a constant. (not in a Michael Jackson type fashion fortunately) My 30th is coming up in a few months, and I am already getting the paxel, prozac and Coppola Chardonnay lined up for my usual b-day depression. Speaking of which a shout out/big up to Kathleen, Bluto, Jeff, Kaley, Gov, Mitch, Amanda, my mom, Andy, Navid, and anybody else I might have missed for my whining, feeling sorry for myself session I went through the past few days. (You guys are the best) It’s over and thanks for putting up with my “Kobe Bryant” moments. Also below in a Grizzly Bear video for their song “The Knife”.

Sam Olympics

Erik’s 30th (sorry no embedding for jumpcut allowed)

Grizzly Bear

3 responses to “30 is the new 24…

  1. Feeling sorry for myself session that you went through the last few days? Mark, it has been going on all your life. Take this blog for example. Although a cursory glance reveals only the mere dissection of pop culture and your attempts at developing a pseudo-philosophy to compliment it, reading between the lines exposes the cathartic cries of an individual rapidly approaching 30 and realizing that all he has to show for it is his eager anticipation to be the first one of us to get the new iPhone, and his arbitrary insertion of a VP put after his job title.
    Here’s looking at you kid.

  2. What a hot, hot scene. That party looks amazing. I literally wanted to turn that music up, grab a beer from the company fridge, and just start funneling alcohol into my mouth. What’s the haps for the Friday and Saturday following July 4th–are you going to be in SD, is Sam hosting any sort of similar extravaganza?

  3. i think i only deserve a medium-sized “up”. I wish I knew somebody named Bluto.

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