When Facebook and Alton Collide…or maybe not…

  • I was recently asked what I thought about the new Facebook Platform. Suffice it to say that my response was nowhere close to this tremendous analysis by Marc Andreessen. I guess that’s why he co-founded Netscape, and I know that Alton is the world’s greatest reality star athlete of all time. Listen to this renaissance man discuss it with the Sport’s Guy here. His breakdown of the exploitation of “man goods” on “The Inferno” should be Al Gore’s next pet project.

6 responses to “When Facebook and Alton Collide…or maybe not…

  1. I listened to that a couple weeks ago, good stuff. I thought Alton was taking the interview a little too seriously until he ordered a pack of smokes (Kools no doubt) right in the middle of it.

  2. Mark Chu Cheong

    I believe he ordered parliament lights. I think McGrath should be the Sports Guy for Halloween.

  3. Agreed.

    I’m surprised you are still endorsing the sportsguy. Seems tres passe for your tastes.

  4. On another note–please remove that god-awful picture of me with Stern and Kelley. I look like I’m about to eat them.

  5. Mark Chu Cheong

    I can’t deny the sports guy’s brilliance. He loves the nba, 80’s movies and bad reality TV. The only time he falters is when he tries to discuss music. His consistent references to Pearl Jam and U2 bug me. Picture removed.

  6. Yeah, he really Yup’s out in the music department. He also seems to think if he references Bloc Party enough, people will fancy him some kind of hip music connaisseur. I still like him too though, and that Alton podcast really broke up my day a couple weeks ago, so I thank him for that.

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