Dynamic Duo

This pairing of Woody Allen and Billy Graham is brilliant. Now we see where Jon Stewart got his schtick. The very fact that Woody Allen pulled Diane Keaton in her prime is a testament to his unadulterated genius. Watch the woodman go to work, although I have to admit, Billy Graham comes after a great deal better than I anticipated.

3 responses to “Dynamic Duo

  1. Man, Billy Graham was a smooth mofo. By looking at them without audio, you’d almost think that BG was the producer and director and Woody Allen was the Religious Guy.

    “I drank Cawfay” haha.

  2. Mark Chu Cheong

    That’s a great point. Graham could have pulled a tremendous amount of wool (he probably did). He definitely had a stylist.

  3. wool? ha never heard that FOS. You clever bastard man. I hope the comment on flickr didnt make you angry.

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