Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

Don’t You Love….

When you rediscover a song that you have not heard for a good enough amount of time thus it sounds new and spectacular again. I have a mild case of insomnia tonight but watching this made it all worthwhile. I also which that I could use the word “brilliant” or “bollocks” on a consistent basis like the British do. It’s far better than “cool” or “shit”. Then again I do like the movies “About a Boy” and “Sliding Doors” more than the average bear. This admission might very well result in my guy pass being revoked however, I will defend those movies tirelessly, especially the former. Props to Miggy for turning me on to Ben Gibbard/Death Cab/Postal Service back in the day when we use to slang annuities to the aged.

Helm and Sawako are excited about the fine china in the background

Originally uploaded by guffman32.
Well, maybe they’re excited about their impending nuptials. Helm, perhaps the finest Jewish swingman in the history of CU basketball recently got engaged to Sawako whom he met at that fine academic institution we refer to as Boulder. Cheers to the happy couple and to the hope that Helm, Rico, and Renato all grow back their ponytails….