The Hold Steady and Nyquil

Getting pumped for the “The Hold Steady” at the El Rey tonight. Going with Kathleen, Panda and Andy. Hopefully, the El Rey has ceased pushing their awful licorice vodka hybrid on any/all customers that request a libation containing vodka. They must have traded 400 free bottle for a few cartons of GPC 100s, and after unleashed it on an unsuspecting public. I’m still trying to get a bartender there to admit that it’s terrible stuff. Not even Kitty Dukakis would drink it. I know the Kitty Dukakis reference is as dated as zumiez pants but I love referencing her. I don’t even know what she looks like, I just picture Michael Dukakis crossed with Laura Bush. Video of the Hold Steady’s “Chips Ahoy” below.

4 responses to “The Hold Steady and Nyquil

  1. i’ll give that licorice vodka a try.

  2. That show was really awesome, especially when that guy stage dove and took a header when no one caught him. I also enjoyed the mustached man’s accordion skills; no one plays that anymore.

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