Showdown: American Mitch vs. Euro Mitch

I pose this question to the loyal few that visit my humble blog on a somewhat frequent basis (at last count it was somewhere between 1-3.2 people a week). Who has it made in the shade, American Mitch or his European counterpart? I require in-depth clarification on the reasoning behind any conclusions, and an honest opinion on the possibility of these two kindred spririts two aligning in a pseudo Cousin Larry and Bhalki Bhaltakamos “Perfect Strangers” setting. I think both those guy dug blondes primarily as well. Let the debate commence. (Euro photos contributed by Raul Villareal)

Euro Mitch euromitch.jpg

americanmitch.jpg misty1.jpg


13 responses to “Showdown: American Mitch vs. Euro Mitch

  1. What if EuroMitch is actually AmeriMitch – but 15 years later. Maybe AmeriMitch went all MJFox on us and time traveled back in time b/c he realized life is better with an accent? What would happen if the two met face-to-face? Does EuroMitch have an accent? Would he recognize me? If EuroMitch cuts hmself, does AmeriMitch bleed?

  2. Mark Chu Cheong

    We all know Mitch is allready adept at sports gambling. Perhaps Euro Mitch pulled a “Biff” and has a sports almanac that he has turned into a residence in Lake Cuomo next to Clooney.

  3. EuroMitch looks more relaxed and less self aware than AmericanMitch. While writing this, I asked my friend Greg what he thought and he said that EuroMitch is more likely than not Middle Eastern Mitch visiting Europe. I know this only confuses things more and raises more questions than it answers, but theres something to that.

  4. I’m going to have to play off Panda’s hypothesis, yet give it a bit of a “Heros” bent. What if this in fact is Mitch traveling back in time only to search out his former-self so he can save something. Call it a cheerleader or whatever – i can almost assure you Mitch has one of those cool kobayashi swords that can cut anything down. Bring it…

  5. Mark Chu Cheong

    Hmmm…i like the creativity Bluto however, Euro Mitch does not look like he is a rush to do much sans sip on a cappucino and perhaps take a siesta later that afternoon.

  6. Au contraire Chuch. Euro Mitch is indeed back to do something. He’s back to cock block like he’s never cock blocked before….but this time end up with the lady. Euro Mitch takes it one step further.

  7. I think I recognize Euro Mitch as a background player from “The Passion of the Christ.” Wasn’t he one of those horned Jew-devils who stoned out Lord and Savior?

  8. Cheese Only and a Side of Mayo

    They are the same person. The so-called Euro Mitch is on a lunch date in the picture and he’s sitting outside, which is what Mitch does EVERY Saturday and Sunday (even sometimes during the week). For all we know, Chris Manuilow is sitting on the side of the table we cant see and they are at East Side West in San Francisco. I’m not buying it. There is no way that these are two different people

  9. I believe. Maybe they are a secret group of Mitch Spies, out to save the world from the inevitable flood?

  10. Cheese Only and a Side of Mayo

    If there really is a EuroMitch, do you think they call him Le Mitsi? I would like to request that anyone responding to the Showdown from now on, please address “EuroMitch” as “Le Mitsi” and “American Mitch” as “AmeriMitsy”

  11. The Earth may suddenly stop spinning on its axis at any moment now for no other than Bluto has indeed determined the appropriate hypothesis. Mitch has without a doubt traveled back in time to locate himself on a memorable, summertime trip in Europe with his eighth grade class (see photo at outdoor café) to warn of times to come. Dark times in which blocking cock, clinging to pillows at slumber parties while simultaneously providing a bounty of assorted flavors of gourmet italian iced creams, and being classified as “like my brother” by every single moderately attractive woman he meets can hopefully and assiduously be avoided at all costs. By the look on his face he is so young, naive and has no idea of the ridule and peril he will constantly be subjected to as an adult (see other photos). May Dr. Emmett Brown be in your good graces, god speed Mitch your future depends on it!

  12. Sorry to get into this late in the game, but I must say it has taken an interesting turn. Fenimore, are you suggesting Le Mitsi is some type of mutant manchild? That perhaps this picture wasnt taken 10 yrs into his future, but 20 years ago in his past? Maybe Le Mitsi is ageless…Maybe Le Mitsi is here to serve a bigger purpose…( I dont want to get specific here)

  13. Maybe he’s “The One”. If that’s the case then we’re fucked.

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