The Aftermath of Sam Olympics

Well, my best laid plans came crashing down. The live video streaming never really got off the ground hampered by poor video quality and nobody really willing to wear a hatcam and carry around a laptop. ( rightly so) My daily blogging plans ceased at about 11:00 am but I did manage to capture some pics and video of an event that nothing short of spectacular. Here’s my personal favorite below. Jason Osvog in all his glory with commentary by Ryan Fenimore. I’ll be posting more stuff during the week.

4 responses to “The Aftermath of Sam Olympics

  1. Looking forward to a long life of wedded rock ‘n roll bliss…

  2. Cheese Only and a Side of Mayo

    Dear god, that guy is good. Did anyone see the way the ladies were soaking him? It is a travesty and a disservice to the general viewing public that he is not our American Idol. Do you think they take videos for casting the upcoming season?

  3. Jason Osvog?

  4. Mark Chu Cheong

    The one and only…

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