Sundays with Morley

After being stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours today, finally managed to get some hoop in with Sam and Osvog…we were all terrible. We managed to get some bowling in after as well with Wendy, who has perfected a handstand that she can pull off at any time through her relentless yoga training. Sam, who just turned 30 bowled with a special bandaid made specifically for the blisters on the thumb, and 2 icy hot patches on his knee and elbow (the ones Shaq endorses.) We had the standard white Russians as an ode to the Dude. Sam made the comment of the day below.

Sam: God, I love Sundays when I pay Cordie 40 bucks to give me an hour long rubdown while I watch 60 minutes. (Cordie is his sister)

We are going to mentally prepare for the Olympics by watching the best of Conan O’ Brien while scarfing down Thai. Tune in tomorrow as we stream live.

Sam wanted me to clarify that his sister is a professional masseuse, and that his favorite segments on 60 minutes feature Morley Safer.



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