Daily Archives: May 25, 2007

Stigga’s Mill –

This is a new addition to the chuchscoop where certain rumors and innuendo contributed by our loyal readers will be posted.  So please feel free to send in your morsels of hot, juicy gossip…Here’s the first submission that was sent a little bit ago…Feel free to submit  your guesses to who this person is..

 What Animal House alum, and former Good Time, has severely curbed his socializing  in lieu of sighing heavily around his aparmtent,  and  persistently pesters current homeowners about the prospects of the San Francisco real estate market?”

Pretty Pathetic…that I want to be George Michael..

That I idolize an 18 year old male, and would trade places with him in a millisecond. Ladies and gentleman I present…(found by Panda)