Live Video from Olympics

For those of you that cannot make it to San Diego this year for the Olympics and Sam’s 30th, we will be streaming live video of the festivities. Go to the below link and be envious of how much fun we are having. Unfortunately the player cannot be embedded with so you’re going to have to be redirected below. My vote is for Chris Fenimore to be on camera the entire time.

We’ll even have some J.Crew extras in attendance fresh in from their recent “Summering at Cape Cod” shoot (pictured below). Aren’t WASPS insufferable? I can just picture their future wasp offspring in seersucker right now; 2 boys, 1 girl and the cliched, requisite, immigrant nanny, who Fenimore will probably attempt to write off as a business expense for his S-Corp.

The Duke and Duchess of Fenimore

4 responses to “Live Video from Olympics

  1. I appreciate it if you would refer to them by their appropriate titles:

    James Cooper Fenimore
    Madison “Maddie” Kay Fenimore
    Jackson Lawrence Fenimore

    Your kids will be working for them someday; I hope your preparation efforts will not be in vain.

  2. Best blog yet.

    I just disrupted my entire office laughing.

  3. Wow, Ustream’s embedding doesn’t work with WordPress? I’m letting the guys there know. That has to be fixed.

    –Chris Yeh (Ustream investor)

  4. Mark Chu Cheong

    Thanks Chris, that would be great. I’m no wordpress expert so it might very well exist currently, however no solution is currently listed on the FAQs. Good to see a Lakers fan leaving a comment…if you can orchestrate a way to get KG and rid the front office of nepotism aka Jim Buss that would truly be exceptional.

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