When did the tipping point reach its tipping point?

Similar to many, I too am a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell. He is obviously brilliant but with the added bonus of resembling a cross between Shelley Duvall and Sideshow Bob. Additionally, he is a Canuck. ( I love Canadians for some reason, they produce great bands, comedians, and are unfailingly nice and polite). I subscribe to many of his theories, although I found “Blink” too be somewhat far fetched, and was underwhelmed by his TED performance. Then again, my biggest achievement to date was making what I consider to be a historic mix CD in 2003. Incidentally, watch this Tony Robbins performance at TED. I know he’s cheesier than a striped shirt guy dropping his Hummer off at valet,  but this particular session is remarkable. All of the captains of industry in the room are skeptical at first, but within five minutes he’s got the audience in the palm of his hand. Watch this when you need an “attitude adjustment”, and I swear it will work. I don’t care if you’re more cynical than a early 90’s Woody Allen..it will do the trick.

Alright back to the lecture at hand, yesterday I was reading all the articles on the recent acquisitions of digital marketing firms, and almost every author described it as the tipping point for the online advertising industry.(Isn’t it crazy to think that the yellow pages and online ad spend are still neck and neck? I don’t know one person who uses the yellow pages!) It got me thinking, when did the phrase the tipping point reach its tipping point? I would be a good exercise to to trace its path into the public lexicon. I, myself use the term far too much along with the words, “superfluous”, “leverage”, “advantageous” and “mitigate” . I really want to start incorporating “vis a vis” and “ergo” into my everyday conversations as well to sound extra pretentious. The moment when I realized the tipping point had reached the tipping point is when the Roots choose it for an album title.


One response to “When did the tipping point reach its tipping point?

  1. Chuch, These rants remind me of your hilarious valentines from 2000. You are so creative with your thoughts and I would love to see you as the next Leno. Miss you.

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