Saturday morning on the 405

Although, I graduated my MBA program a little over a year ago, I am “auditing” an entrepreneurship class at Pepperdine today with Professor Morrissey for a little refresher. In addition to sharing a name with the Smith’s melancholy frontman, Professor Morrissey epitomizes what one would like to represent in their “advanced” years; full of vim, vigor and wit with the added benefit of experience. We’re on a break right now, and I am still feeling the last effects of the wicked flu that ruined my Miami trip. I’m on a cocktail of sudafed, tusin and motrin right now so hopefully, I’ll be a little more alert during the second half of the 8 hour session. A number of industries and business models are being discussed however, inevitably the Internet becomes the focal point of the topic at hand. A case discussion on a luxury yachts venture quickly turns into an analysis of and Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Aquantive. The Internet maintains an inherent glamour or “sexiness” that tends to pique even the most jaded person’s interest. It’s almost like a more accessible entertainment industry in that it engenders speculation and gossip in a similar manner. Class is about to start again, and I am severely jealous of a student on the class who came back equipped with a Starbucks breakfast sandwich. I hate that I will probably succumb with the masses and be lining up to buy a Starbuck’s bacon and egg sandwich while indie darling Feist (excellent new album) plays in the background.

HOLY BATCRAP!! I just walked into Starbucks and Feist is playing…Nostradamous look out! I now no longer have the right to refer to myself as “cool” in any form whatsoever, now that most of my new music also shares shelf space in 150,000 location across the country.


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