Moons over My Hammy

Well, I am off to Miami for work for a few days tomorrow. When I think of Miami, three things come to mind; ridiculously good looking models who looked like they were beamed down from a spaceship shaped like a Prada shoe, the Delano (see picture) and embarassingly, the Will Smith “Miami” song. Whenever, someone brings up or sings this song, I seize the opportunity to enlighten the individual with a completely useless morsel of pop culture trivia.

Me: Did you know who wrote “Welcome to Miami”

Individual: No who? (kind of in a nonchalant tone)

Me: Nas…but he gave it to Will Smith because it wasn’t hard enough for him…

Individual: Really? huh…(complete lack of interest or surprise)

Well, cheers to you Nasty Nas aka Nas Escobar. Illmatic is still one of my top 5 favorite rap albums. And let’s face it, my Top 5 rap list probably ain’t changing anytime soon. I just don’t see myself downloading the Ying Yang twins on my ipod.

I’ll be sure to stop in the Delano. I know it’s completely touristy and probably a full decade past its prime but there’s something about sipping an 18 dollar cocktail amidst 10 guys that could pass for Gianne Verscace and all sockless to boot.

I am looking forward to using the technology to broadcast live. Tune in and you might just see a turqouise ferrari and diddy in a bathrobe riding a jet ski.

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