Boogie Down Bronx

Yankee Stadium

Originally uploaded by guffman32.
There’s definitely a marked difference between east coast and west coast baseball. Yankee Stadium has an buzz to it that would make even a corpse pop and lock a’ la Weekend at Bernies II. I went with my girlfriend Kathleen and one my best friends from college Amanda aka “Panda”. We had box seats per mi madre and it was filled with memorabilia of Babe Ruth. The only disappointment was any refererence to John Goodman’s interpretation of the Amecian icon.. I guess the box we sat in is actually George Steinbrenner’s who was probably in Palm Beach rocking a crisp turtleneck and a good scotch, neat of course. Later we celebrated Kathleen’s birthday at Flora de Sol in Tribeca. Unbelievable tapas and mojitos in a dark, lively setting with live music. Props to my moms for hooking up the tics and Happy Mother’s Day! I still think the Yankees  need to get regulated by some sort of salary cap however, so some parity can be brought to baseball.

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